Once in La Guajira, come and enjoy custom authentic experiences from locals, traditional cooks, artists and artisans. Enjoy your afternoons at the most amazing sites, getting an authentic local experience.


Travel through this amazing paradise of contrast and colors! We will tell you what to do and where to go.

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Get amazing, super colorful gifts for you and yours back home. Share with them the incredible adventure here, in La Guajira!

Our Thematic cultural experiences

Visit La Guajira and experience it intimately with locals that have inherited cultural traditions from past generations. 

We craft authentic, unique experiences thinking about the best way to showcase the amazing traditional food, music, sites, artisan crafts, and adventures directly from locals.

We have carefully chosen a group of providers all around La Guajira, from North to South. Anywhere you go, find a unique experience for you and your group!

“We want you to enjoy the best of la guajira”

It has been a real incredible experience for me, to be able to showcase what I love about my home and share it with people around the world. Our cultural diversity, beautiful landscapes and variety of flavors makes the La Guajira experience an unforgettable one.
Laura Montero

Try the best local delicacies from local favorites

Get closer to La Guajira’s traditions joining our experience of interactive cuisine. Is all about getting closer to the food, smelling it, tasting it and listening to all the best stories about them.

spent time with the locals doing what they traditionally do

We have picked a group of expert locals that always have the best time; showing you intimate moments of their daily life as well as sharing their cultural traditions. 


The rich culinary tradition of La Guajira brings you a variety of flavors that differ from region to region. Get to know the staples that traditionally have all the locals go crazy!

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